Using the Mortuary of your Choice in a Coroner’s Case

January 25, 2017


When a close friend had a family member die at home she was distressed that her loved one was taken to a mortuary that wasn’t their family choice. She had asked the authorities to transport her loved one to Hooper & Weaver but was told they were required by contract to transport to a different mortuary. How can I ensure that if I have a loved one pass away in a similar situation that Hooper & Weaver can handle all of the arrangements?


That’s a very good question. Let me start by saying that everyone has the right to use the mortuary of their choice.  This includes the case of your friend who—because the death occurred at home and was considered a coroner’s case—could have arranged with Hooper & Weaver to transfer their loved one back to Hooper & Weaver from the other mortuary. This is true even if the deceased did not have a pre-need arrangement or a specific directive in their will. Of course, it is always recommended to work with your preferred mortuary on a pre-need arrangement so can be sure your wishes are known and to reduce the stress on your family and friends at an already emotional time.

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