“Pre-planning that’s simple, reliable and economical—that’s our promise to you”.

Arranging for the funeral of a loved one often falls on family members who are not prepared for the important decisions that must be made during this time of hardship. We know from experience that pre-planning a funeral can be a valuable asset to a family at the time of the death of a loved one. It can lighten the burden from your family members and also helps to ensure that your personal wishes, or those of a loved one, are known and fulfilled.

Who should pre-plan?

Hooper and Weaver Mortuary has been caring for families in our community for over 70 years. Our pre-planning counselor has proven to be a trusted advocate for many in our community wishing to pre-plan their funeral arrangements. Pre-arrangements are often considered by persons who:

  • Have no close living relatives
  • Are applying for or are on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Medicaid and who want to pay for their funeral in advance by placing funds in an irrevocable funeral trust
  • Are moving from the community, but wish to have their funerals in their home community
  • Wish to give their children guidance in making funeral arrangements
  • Find it important to know that their funeral has been paid in advance so their family does not feel that added stress

Regardless of your situation, our pre-planning counselor is happy to answer any questions you have about making funeral arrangements for yourself or a loved one. During a pre-planning conference, we evaluate your funeral needs and help arrange a service that will accommodate your wishes. Your family can take comfort in knowing that they are implementing your desires.

Call today, 530-265-2429, or email us to schedule your pre-planning conference at Hooper and Weaver or in the comfort of your own home.

Why should you pre-plan?

As reported by AARP, “Everyone should pre-plan their own funeral.” There are a number of sound emotional and financial reasons to do so.

1). Fewer family concerns

Your family and loved ones are spared the burden of making sometimes complicated and difficult decisions while trying to cope with their grief and loss.

2). Time to consider your options

Pre-planning allows time for your wishes to be recorded and fulfilled.

3). Your family will thank you

You and your family will feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing that you took care of things ahead of time so they can focus on what is important.

4). Protect your family from increased costs

The cost of a funeral or cremation can vary depending upon the choices that are made. By funding your arrangements today, you can be certain your family is not burdened with funeral arrangements that may be more expensive than you wish, or perhaps, more than they can afford. Funeral costs increase 100% on average every ten years. By planning ahead, you can protect your family against those increases.

5). Save the amount you need

Pre-planning your funeral is a normal part of all Estate Planning. It will save you and your family time, money and unnecessary grief at the time of need. Additionally, by pre-funding your arrangements you can shelter those dollars and they will not be counted as part of your assets should you need to apply for Medicaid.

We’re here to help

Call Hooper & Weaver at 530-265-2429 for your free planning guide that can assist you and your family with your decisions. Your decisions will be made while everyone is calm and collected and when death does occur, your family can focus on reflection and begin the important work of healing.

Moving toward peace of mind for you and your family is simple to do. Please allow one of our funeral service professionals the opportunity to answer any questions you may have regarding pre-planning your funeral.

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