2017 Dame Cicely Saunders Business Award

May 9, 2017

Hooper & Weaver Mortuary is truly honored to be the recipient of The Hospice of the Foothills 2017 Dame Cicely Saunders Business Award.   The staff at Hooper & Weaver joins owners Ken and Kay Baker and Paul and Barbara Penrose in congratulating additional recipients Karen Wood for Individual, Frank & Vida Santos for Couple/Family, Jon Blinder for Community Partner, and Dan Curtin for Care Provider.  Our community is blessed to have the services of Hospice of the Foothills.


Butterfly Garden of Remembrance

April 1, 2017

Hooper & Weaver Hosts Memorial Weekend Fundraiser for Friends of Hospice

Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer and a special time of year when we can honor those who died during their service to our country.  It is also an opportunity for us to partner with the wonderful people at Friends of Hospice to host a fundraiser throughout the Memorial Weekend that provides a way to honor all of our loved ones. With a $15 donation to Friends of Hospice you can fill out a name card with a message of remembrance. The cards are tied to wrought iron butterflies mounted on garden stakes and placed in a garden designated as the Butterfly Garden of Remembrance. This very special garden can be viewed throughout the Memorial Weekend (May 27, 28 & 29) at Hooper & Weaver Mortuary in Nevada City.

To fill out a memorial card in advance, please call Friends of Hospice at (530) 274-5121.

Learn more about Friends of Hospice


The Power of the Purse Benefits The Friendship Club

March 31, 2017

Hooper & Weaver is proud to support The Friendship Club—a comprehensive, year-round program established in 1995 that is aimed at developing the whole girl—not just the academic, social, responsible or creative part of the girl, but all of those. We’ve seen the tremendous impact The Friendship Club has had on 6th thru 12th grade girls in our community over the past 20+ years.

We enthusiastically support The Friendship Club throughout the year, and recently had an opportunity to join with many other community members to attend The Power of the Purse. Held this year in late March, the event serves as an important introduction to The Friendship Club.  Community members already involved in the agency invite friends to attend the event to learn about the work of The Friendship Club and the various opportunities to get involved and make a difference in the lives of local girls.  Several of us from Hooper & Weaver attended this wonderful event. We’re already looking forward to next year!

Using the Mortuary of your Choice in a Coroner’s Case

January 25, 2017


When a close friend had a family member die at home she was distressed that her loved one was taken to a mortuary that wasn’t their family choice. She had asked the authorities to transport her loved one to Hooper & Weaver but was told they were required by contract to transport to a different mortuary. How can I ensure that if I have a loved one pass away in a similar situation that Hooper & Weaver can handle all of the arrangements?


That’s a very good question. Let me start by saying that everyone has the right to use the mortuary of their choice.  This includes the case of your friend who—because the death occurred at home and was considered a coroner’s case—could have arranged with Hooper & Weaver to transfer their loved one back to Hooper & Weaver from the other mortuary. This is true even if the deceased did not have a pre-need arrangement or a specific directive in their will. Of course, it is always recommended to work with your preferred mortuary on a pre-need arrangement so can be sure your wishes are known and to reduce the stress on your family and friends at an already emotional time.

4 common reasons for pre-planning a funeral

January 5, 2017


Can you tell me the typical reasons for pre-planning a funeral?


Of course.  According to a recent survey, there are several common reasons people gave for per-arranging their own funerals.  Pre-planning provides the follow peace of mind:

  1. Communicates your wishes to family and friends
  2. Reduces stress for your loved ones during an already emotional time
  3. Demonstrates that you care for your loved ones by planning in advance
  4. Relieves your loved ones of financial responsibility; Guarantees your family will not have to pay more for your funeral regardless of inflation.

One of our Hooper & Weaver funeral and pre-need counselors is available to discuss these and other reasons at your convenience by calling 265-2429.


Pre-Planning for a Single Person

January 4, 2017


I am a single person without anyone to look after my estate when I die. I’ve decided to organize my affairs in advance so that everything will be arranged when that time comes. Can I be assured that your mortuary will be able to take care of everything?


Pre-arranging your funeral plans answers that question. I often run into couples who have no children or family. So I hear the same questions regarding having everything covered. Pre-arranging allows a person to choose the type of arrangements, sign the appropriate paperwork, and pay for any funeral expenses years in advance. Obviously the peace of mind for those in this particular situation can also be priceless.


What are my spouses’ veteran benefits?

January 3, 2017


My spouse is a veteran and we are curious about what benefits will be available upon death.


There are some basic benefits that are available to all veterans. These benefits are provided free of charge to qualified veterans and include:

  1. Cemetery space at a national cemetery
  2. A veteran’s marker
  3. A United States flag

Burial funds are available if the veteran was receiving disability or a pension from the military. Our staff is trained to research and make applications for the families. Installation of the marker in a private cemetery would require a setting fee and foundation fee if needed.


How to make things easier on your loved ones

January 2, 2017


My father is very ill, and I would like to know what to do to make things easier for my mother.


Did you know that there are more than 70 details that need to be tended to in the first 24 hours after death?  That is a lot of responsibility.

When you pre-arrange, you make those first 24 hours easier for your loved ones.  You also save them money.  The stress of making last-minute funeral arrangements often causes people to make unnecessary purchases.  By taking care of the arrangements yourself, you free them from spending more than they need to.

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