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Historic Pine Grove on Red Dog Road, Nevada City

We consider it a privilege when a family chooses Hooper and Weaver Mortuary and we are here to assist you through this life experience. Whether you are looking for funeral, burial, or cremation services, we offer many different options to help you celebrate the life of your loved one. Our professional team is here to support you as you make important decisions and tend to the details of personalizing a service that best memorializes your loved one. Generation after generation chooses Hooper and Weaver Mortuary based on the mutual respect and trust that develops with each and every family.

Our Services

Funeral Services

Hooper and Weaver specializes in a variety of funeral services that provide a personalized experience for family and friends honoring their loved one. We strive to exceed our families’ expectations in creating meaningful tributes to celebrate each unique life. We are known for our commitment to a standard of excellence that respects all cultures, rites and traditions and preserves family and community history. We understand the need for family and friends to have a final goodbye and our funeral counselors would be happy to discuss any of our services in detail to ensure we continue to meet and exceed the wishes of our families.

Our Funeral Services

Burial Services

Hooper and Weaver is unique in that it owns not only it’s mortuary but also the five cemeteries under its care. This ownership is important to our families giving them peace of mind knowing that when the funeral service is complete, they are still in the reputable hands of Hooper and Weaver to manage the burial of their loved one. We understand that finding a permanent resting place for loved ones is an important part of the grieving process and our professional team is here to support the family in this essential decision.

Our Burial Services

Cremation Services

Today more and more families are selecting cremation as part of an overall plan to commemorate a loved one. Hooper and Weaver owns and operates their crematory which means that your loved one will remain in the compassionate care of our professional team throughout the entire process. Our onsite crematory is licensed by the state of California and our team is certified to perform cremation services according to the highest code of ethics and standards.

Our Cremation Services

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you…it’s our privilege.

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